To whoever sent this message: Please know that this is not in any way shape or form ok. I am unsure why you even felt the need to send me this message? This is not information I (nor anyone else for that matter) ever needs to know.

Anonymous or not you still are "that person". Please don’t go around sharing this kind of information with people. 

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Not to be weird or anything but do you have any idea where in LA graces house/cabin thing that she used to live in was? I'm absolutely in love with the house and would love to know where it is. Thanks!
- Anonymous

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Do you know what video grace is doing a daily gradvice or commenting on comments video (in her brooklyn apartment if i remember correctly) and someones comment is something about their boyfriend deciding they were gay and grace says how the person didn't decide they were gay they discovered they were gay?
- Anonymous

Yep (x)

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There was no way Grace could ever have won that challenge. 

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In what video/s does grace talk about her social anxiety?
- Anonymous

There’s a few but this one sticks out to me most. (x) 

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From which video is the gif set of grace talking about society being ugly from thank you :)???
- Anonymous


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I’m confident in who I am. 

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I refuse to believe there is over 6 years between these 2 gifs

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