Do you ship Chester and Grace?
- Anonymous

I mean maybe you should check Amazon but, I’m not entirely sure shipping actual people is legal? Maybe you should just stick to buying a t-shirt or something instead cause I’m sure you can get that shipped. 

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What are your top 5 old school Grace videos, (from the channel that shall not be named except for in your URL)?
- Anonymous

(x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

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I appreciate the fact you giffed chesters vid even though you're soley a holy trinity blog (your gifs are great)
- Anonymous


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Chester does the ALS ice bucket challenge + a prank & I thank the high heavens for this moment (x)

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I actually kinda hate Grace has a podcast, I feel like she's just selling out now ):
- Anonymous

I guess you kinda hate puppies and smiles too? If by selling out you mean making a podcast that is totally free to us the viewer/listener, then damn you Helbig for being so kind as to making your podcast & content free for everyone to enjoy.

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Mamrie talking about her goggle wearing highschool boyfriend

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I wasn’t expecting that one

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Hannah owned this I ship it. She plays the old lady character so well (x

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Beautiful idiots 

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Is that a yes or a no are you joking look?

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