Hi, I was just wondering what country you live in??? By the way, I love your stuff :)
- Anonymous

England :) 

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Edward Sporty Hands (x)

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you forgot stefani!!!!!
- veryclassyandverysassy

I didn’t forget her. I wasn’t going for people she’d created on her own/related channels that is part of a different set, hence why there was no Taylor, Heidi, professor Helbig, gibleh etc. I was just doing characters she’d been hired/asked to play :)

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How do you even remember all these characters Grace played !? (Ps: as always, your gifs are on point)
- caskett


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One of your recent posts that has gifs of grace with people like Brittany Louise taylor and Louis, can you please tell me what video the very first gif in that post is from? Thank you :)
- Anonymous


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'I swear I'm not trying to be cute'

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'Just give me some seasoning, a little bits enough. Cause you look like a potato, wanna mash oh mash you up.'

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